Why does Soul Symphony not carry as many stock items or as large a range as other online stores?

Soul Symphony's virtual doors opened on 24th February, 2018 - so we are a very new store. We will expand our range in the near future, but we need your help and support to achieve that.

I made a purchase from Soul Symphony, but Shout Now has appeared on my financial statement instead of Soul Symphony. Why? Who is Shout Now?

Shout Now and Soul Symphony are one and the same. Both are linked to the same ABN (Australian Business Number).   We value your privacy and use Shout Now for financial transactions and sometimes as part of our return address on parcels sent to you. We are aware that while you may be open with your friends about your love of toys and your preferences, you may not share that same level of trust with your friendly neighbourhood postie or your banking professionals.

You don't have the item I want. Can you get it for me?

We can try our best to source it for you. Head on over to our Special Request/Orders form and fill it out, or drop us a line via contact@soulsymphony.com.au 

This address is also accessible via the Contact Us tab.

Why do you send some items via Parcel Post Satchels and Express Post Satchels and not others?

We try to choose the cheapest option. If it's a smaller item we may opt for a small box if it's bigger we might choose a satchel. Keeping postage down keeps our prices down. Don't worry - your toy will be packaged in a manner that nosey housemates nor the postie will be able to tell what it is.

Sending via satchels is a flat rate Australia wide. Sending items as regular parcels incurs a basic postage charge of up to $13.50 plus a fee per kg (or part thereof). So, a parcel from Sydney to Perth under 500g could cost almost $15 for regular post or it could cost $11.35 with an Express Post Satchel (as per Australia Post charges as at 2 October 2017). Cheaper and faster. 

Are my personal details secure and will they be shared with a third party?

We take your privacy and security very seriously. Your information will never be shared with a third party.

Both your contact information and financial transactions are secure. Bank grade security protects your transactions every step of the way.